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Undefeated Magazine has become the leading Texas-based publication totally focused on health and fitness by highlighting current and future champions and those innovators who make it possible for them to succeed. From the magazine’s inception we have strived to find avenues to better serve our readers showcasing elite athletes sharing paving the way an inspiring others with their amazing stories. We have visited the top gyms and interviewed the leading trainers, instructors and elite athletes in the Lone Star State. We are extremely fortunate to have built strong relationships with promoters, professional fight leagues, amateur associations, gyms, trainers, instructors and are able to bring to our audience their training techniques and stories about how they are impacting the sports and fitness industries. Undefeated Magazine is no stranger to the combative industry, for the past decade we have hosted an array of events uniting fitness community. Houstonians and the combative industry have enjoyed our annual events such as; Undefeated Texas Elite Amateur Boxing Championship, Undefeated Combative Sports Fighters Seminars and the Undefeated Combative Sports Awards. 


We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of Undefeated Sports Complex a 10,000 square foot building centrally located at 6518 Eastwood Street Houston, Texas 77021 the fitness center specially designed to train elite athletes and to host professional and amateur sporting events. The facility will also be home to Houston Combative Sports Museum inducting athletes into Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Our goal is honor individuals who impacted the sports in the past, present and future, preserve the rich heritage of combative sports in Houston.  The décor will display exclusive action shots photos that Undefeated Magazine has take at ring side and private photo sections with world champions, contenders while covering major sporting events. We will also have a boxing youth program and host USA Boxing sanction amateur shows with our fighters participating in the Houston Golden Gloves, State Championship Tournament and into the Olympics. The facility will have a state of the arts production studio for live streaming and filming producing our own reality shows.  The building will be designed to host various shows from Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts by merely removing the boxing ring and adding an octagon, the build in esthetics of professional production arena with round trussing and energetic lighting along with the best audio system to creating an energetic ambience for the fighters and the public.


Join us in our endeavors, enclosed is the sponsorship package. Should you need additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us at 832-494-6509 or via e-mail at undefeatedmagazine@gmail.com

Rosemary Clark

Editor-in-Chief, Undefeated Magazine



About Undefeated Magazine

Undefeated Magazine one of the leading health and fitness sport publication focused on providing its readers with the latest combative sports news and features on fighters in professional and amateur boxing and mixed martial arts.

Undefeated TV is a talk show showcasing exclusive interviews of athletes in-depth interviews of instructors and their training techniques and how they impacting the sport industry, also the latest information on grappling tournaments, fight cards and official ranking results.

Undefeated En Espanol “Lo Mejor del Combate” Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Our goals are to provide our audience with the latest of boxing and mixed martial arts along with fight news reports. Showcase and interview pasted current and future champions providing our audience exclusive interview on how they train and prepare for their up-coming fights. Topics to include Exclusive interviews with professional and amateur athletes, fight reports, fight results, ringside comments, latest news, experts techniques etc.

The Combative Sports Awards – Categories consist of Best of the Year in Boxing and MMA include: Performance, Trainer, Promoter, Manager, Top Junior Olympic Boxer and Professional and Amateur male and female fighters. As well as: Card, Fight, Knockout, Submission, Star, Comeback, Up-Set, Pro and Top New Prospect.


Undefeated Combative Sports Fighter Seminars feature experts from various industries and backgrounds on topics such as nutrition, mental preparation, marketing & media training, legal and medical fields. Our goal is to provide athletes with vital resources and essential tools to help advance in the careers and personal development.


Undefeated Texas Elite Amateur Boxing Championship providing Texas’s top young boxers opportunity to showcase themselves in a pro show atmosphere. This unique event featured over 50 bouts, with fighters from more than 25 gyms from across Texas and Louisiana.


Undefeated Magazine Website is an informative interactive new source that complements the publication and selling vessel to sell photos taken by our staff photographers at special events and gyms. Undefeated website is the exclusive website to purchase the undefeated men and women Undefeated Sportswear Fight Gear apparel line.   The website photography, banners advertising, video screening, bloging, website links, and affiliations to boxing and mixed martial arts organizations.


Undefeated Sportswear Fight Gear is a unique special designed Undefeated couture trendsetting brand, that will identify with fighters and sport fanatic both in the mixed martial arts and boxing sport industry. The apparel will target a multicultural and multi-lingual consumer! The apparel will brand the Undefeated Magazine logo with various slogans targeting boxing and mixed martial arts fighters.